Taste organic & 100% arabica coffee from Venezuelan farmers


Giveafew will serve as a bridge to connect farmers to roasters, shops and other coffee-related businesses avoiding intermediaries and thus, facilitating a real fair-trade. We are based in London but right now we are in Venezuela promoting Venezuelan coffee and supporting farmers in this country. If you would like to try this premium, South American, organic and 100% arabica coffee, we can provide you with a 400gr sample which will be shipped directly from Venezuela to your destination. The only cost you will need to cover is the delivery and the coffee will be on us! 

We would appreciate your opinion and reviews and will endeavour to improve the coffee beans quality in order to bring Venezuela coffee to European customers.

Understanding shipping costs
It is important to highlight that we are working right now in Venezuela, and due to the ongoing crisis and hyperinflation problems, payments for services are higher than usual. However, in case of future subsequent partnerships and when placing large orders, we will guarantee competitive shipping prices through our local contacts. We apologise in advance for any inconveniences caused.
Organic & 100% arabica Venezuelan coffee
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